Latitude 2017 Agenda


Awe-inspiring first-hand accounts that demonstrate best-practice approaches to implementation, inspiring teams and achieving amazing business outcomes.

Latitude agenda

Just a few of the topics we'll be discussing.

What will your customers need tomorrow?
Customer needs can change quickly. Learn how to anticipate and meet customer needs using predictive analytics.

Meet tight service windows
Meet customer expectations, lower costs and optimize your plan — while letting your customers choose their preferred times.

Helping workers to self-manage productivity
Use the power of gamification to help your mobile workforce be motivated to improve productivity.

Identify, measure & drive value
Learn how to use analytics, benchmarks and best practices. Includes industry-specific examples showing how it can be implemented.

Outsourcing delivery
Should you outsource or keep delivery in-house? Learn how to consider the cost and impact of each option.

Savings in safety
Learn how best-in-class fleets are able to keep their workers safe, improve vehicle safety and minimize costs.

Staying competitive in a digital world
We discuss how you can still be competitive and grow your business in this digital age.

Home delivery tips
How can your delivery business survive in the new 'I want it now' reality? Tips and tricks to keep your customers happy.

Independent workforces
To grow quickly you often need contractors. What solutions can help improve the bottom line and maintain customer service?

Built-in or Aftermarket?
Built-in telematics solutions offer significant advantages for today's fleets but what are the trade-offs?

2pm – 4:45pm. Telogis ROI University
Attend four sessions of your choice (30 mins each)

Take a deep dive into how customers are using Telogis solutions to solve some of today's toughest challenges. Five concurrent 30-minute presentations will allow you to choose any four topics in these practical product sessions.

Presented by both Telogis product specialists and customers (who are using these products every day), you can expect to clearly see the connection between Telogis solutions and improving your business ROI.

Watch highlights from 2016
“Jason’s and Newth's product announcements on Wednesday were some of the most valuable things I gained at Latitude. Very cool, exciting and transformational stuff. ” – ProBuild
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Day 1, 12pm – 7pm

Pacific Ballroom Promenade
Registration Open
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Day 1, 2pm – 4pm

Pacific Lawn
Transformation Tent Opens
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Day 1, 5pm – 9pm

Grand Lawn
Start Your Journey to Discovery
Begin your Latitude experience with breath-taking views of the Pacific Ocean from the resort's Grand Lawn. Connect with friends and make new ones while enjoying the very best of West Coast fresh faire and mixology plus live music and entertainment
Music by PawnShop kings
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Day 2, 7am – 5pm

Pacific Ballroom Promenade
Registration Open
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Day 2, 7am – 8:30am

Pacific Lawn - Transformation Tent
Executive Connections Breakfast
Start your morning off right catching up with industry leaders and new friends over the most important meal of the day
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Day 2, 8:30am – 8:45am

Pacific Ballroom
Telogis Latitude Kickoff
As an economist, former stockbroker and TV host, Mark will set the stage for Latitude 2016 with perspectives on the role of connectivity, optimization and automation in the modern mobile enterprise.
Mark Jeffries, Emcee and Host
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Day 2, 8:45am – 9:15am

Pacific Ballroom
Customer Keynote:
Optimizing Modern Field Service by Empowering Your Workforce
Ken DeWitt, Chief Information Officer, TruGreen
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Day 2, 9:15am – 9:45am

Pacific Ballroom
Winning As One
Andrés Irlando, CEO, Verizon Telematics
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Day 2, 9:45am – 10:15am

Pacific Ballroom
Customer Keynote:
Customer-Centric Innovation Through Operational Efficiency
Joe Bennett, Sr. Director of Delivery | Supply Chain, Sysco
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Day 2, 10:15am – 11am

Pacific Lawn - Transformation Tent
Mid-morning Coffee Break
Recharge and network in the Transformation Tent
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Day 2, 11am – 11:30am

Pacific Ballroom
The Future Just Got a Lot Closer
Enabling exponential value in your ecosystem
Newth Morris, President and Co-Founder, Telogis
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Day 2, 11:30am – 12pm

Pacific Ballroom
Defining Your Path:
The Latest Advancements in Mobile Resource Management
Drive value from your connected business today, tomorrow and in the future
Jason Koch, President and Co-Founder, Telogis
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Day 2, 12pm – 1:15pm

Grand Lawn
Lunch overlooking the Pacific with long-distance swimmer, author and journalist, Diana Nyad
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Day 2, 1:15pm – 2pm

Join Diana Nyad in the Telogis Transformation Tent for a photo
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Day 2, 2pm – 2:45pm

Pacific Ballroom
Panel Discussion: How leading mobile enterprises are differentiating by connecting, optimizing and automating their organizations
A gathering of industry thought leaders and trail blazers who are utilizing technology to transform the way they do business
Host: Susan Heystee, EVP, Worldwide Sales, Telogis
Mike Waits, Norfolk Southern
Capt. Cory Palka, Los Angeles Police Department
Ray Sweeney, TruGreen
Debra Morris, Apria Healthcare
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Day 2, 2:45pm – 3:15pm

Pacific Ballroom
Rubber Meets the Road:
Exceeding Customer Expectations at Every Turn
From compliance to route planning, the new era of customer service is driven by driver intelligence. The first in a series of four highly interactive sessions led by industry experts that focus on best practices with real-time statistics through direct audience participation.
Host: Tim Taylor, Chief Client Success Officer
Daniel Daly, BMC
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Day 2, 3:15pm – 4pm

Pacific Ballroom
From Telogis Studios in Dana Point, California, it's The Tonight Show
Must-see session: Wind down the day with a few laughs, featuring a news-making guest from Hino, as well as some unexpected surprises.
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Day 2, 6pm – 9pm

Grand Lawn
Soaring Over California
Experience the very best that the Southern California farm-to-table movement has to offer. The very freshest local ingredients come together to create exquisite artisanal dishes and delights, with live entertainment from the award-winning soulful cover band, Dallas and Doll
Music by Dallas and Doll
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Day 3, 7am – 8:30am

Pacific Lawn - Transformation Tent
Executive Connections Breakfast
Start your morning off right catching up with industry leaders and new friends over the most important meal of the day
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Day 3, 8:30am – 8:40am

Pacific Ballroom
Kicking Off Latitude Day 2
Mark Jeffries will get you ready for another full day off jam-packed sessions
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Day 3, 8:40am – 9:05am

Pacific Ballroom
Transforming the Lives of Mobile Workers
Matt Brennan, Apple
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Day 3, 9:05am – 10:00am

Pacific Ballroom
Rubber Meets the Road
Join host Tim Taylor for the remaining three customer-led, deep-dive sessions on best practices that inspire transformation.
Creating a Culture of Safety and Excellence: How the implementation of a safety program that supported and encouraged teams resulted in higher levels of satisfaction for both employees and customers.
Laura Wimer, Mike Mittiga, Kevin Bauer, Greg Dykes, Davey Tree

Driving Top-Line Revenue by Improving Operational Efficiencies: How a premier, international telecom infrastructure company is realizing a whole new level savings by achieving operational efficiencies.
Doug Kraus, Zayo Group
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Day 3, 10:00am – 10:45am

Pacific Lawn - Transformation Tent
Mid-morning Coffee Break
Recharge and network in the Transformation Tent
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Day 3, 10:45am – 11:40am

Pacific Ballroom
Rubber Meets the Road Continued

The Path to Bigger Cost Savings: Learn how one of the nation's top environmental consulting agencies is meeting its efficiency goals by improving the way it tackles all aspects of its business.
Mark Apicella and Heather Meffe, American Environmental Group (AEG)

Raising the Bar on Customer Service: Get the inside scoop on how built-in solutions in their Mack vehicles are ensuring deadlines are met and driving higher customer satisfaction
Jonathan Repella, Osburn Contractors
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Day 3, 11:40am – 12pm

Pacific Ballroom
Next-Generation Fleet Vehicle Technologies from GM
Join Ed Peper as he discusses how OnStar-equipped commercial vehicles are driving a new era of connectivity and transformation
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Day 3, 12pm – 1:15pm

Grand Lawn
Lunch with very special guest speaker and legendary comedian, Jay Leno
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Day 3, 1:15pm – 2pm

Pacific Lawn - Transformation Tent
Join Jay Leno in the Telogis Transformation Tent for a photo
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Day 3, 2pm – 4:45pm

Telogis ROI University
Attend 4 sessions of your choice (30 mins each)

IOT – the network of Big Data

We all know that information helps drive revenue. The more you know the more you can earn. The speed at which you obtain the information can be critical.

Listen as we uncover how the IoT (Internet of Things) and Big Data can work together to help businesses grow and be successful.

We'll also discuss some specific applications that can improve the flow of data in your business, increasing efficiency and automation in a number of ways including:

  • Using sensors (such as temperature, door open, engine diagnostics etc.) to create automatic workflows.
  • Automate vehicle servicing by sending maintenance alerts direct to your provider.
  • Building customer web portals to improve self-sufficiency, including automated bookings.
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Day 3, 2pm – 4:45pm

Telogis ROI University
Attend 4 sessions of your choice (30 mins each)

Driving Efficiency while Reducing Operational Expenses

Even small leaks can bring unnecessary exposure to your business. From vehicle health to unmonitored driver behavior, leaks can be hard to detect if you don’t know where to look. By using a virtual set of tools, there are effective ways to proactively manage variable costs and reduce overall expenditure, which encourages growth and adds to the bottom line.

Join us for this informational session and learn how to spot leaks and drive efficiency by:

  • Reducing overall fuel usage
  • Reducing unnecessary idling
  • Reducing speeding incidents
  • Reducing unnecessary miles driven
  • Reducing downtime and maintenance expenses
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Day 3, 2pm – 4:45pm

Telogis ROI University
Attend 4 sessions of your choice (30 mins each)

Increasing Productivity for Exponential Growth

Productivity doesn’t happen by accident. It’s a blend of thoughtful analysis, intricate planning, and streamlined execution. The results can help propel any business to success. Using technology can unlock new levels of productivity throughout a fleet a well as with mobile workers, raising the bar to new standard of productivity throughout an industry.

Join us for an informational session and learn how to increase productivity and reach exponential growth by:

  • Increasing work completed per labor hour
  • Increasing work completed per vehicle mile
  • Reduce time required to find and complete paperless forms
  • Increase vehicle utilization
  • Provide mobile workers with commercial navigation
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Day 3, 2pm – 4:45pm

Telogis ROI University
Attend 4 sessions of your choice (30 mins each)

Great Expectations: How to Improve Customer Satisfaction and Revenue

Today's customer is changing the world of customer service. They are using more channels of communication, making informed decisions and have high expectations. For today’s mobile business, these expectations for great service can make or break a company. It can be the one thing that makes you the obvious choice for potential customers.

Join us for this informative session and learn how to improve customer satisfaction and revenue by:

  • Increasing on-time arrivals
  • Offering appointments to provide flexibility to the customer
  • Providing field workers with electronic forms
  • Increasing the efficiency of route planning given complex constraints
  • Streamlining service experience by automating workflows
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Day 3, 2pm – 4:45pm

Telogis ROI University
Attend 4 sessions of your choice (30 mins each)

Getting More Proactive to Improve Safety & Reduce Compliance Risk

While risk is unavoidable with a mobile business, minimizing your exposure and protecting people and assets is critical. Too often you are reacting to the latest accident or compliance violation instead of proactively taking all the steps needed to avoid the accident or violation in the first place. From observable vehicle defects to speeding incidents to inaccurate hours of service (HOS) logs, there are some effective ways to get more proactive with safety and compliance before it is too late.

Join us for this informative session on how to reduce risk and improve safety and compliance at every touch point by:

  • Reducing unsafe driving behaviors like speeding
  • Providing drivers with a electronic driver vehicle inspection report (DVIR)
  • Recording HOS logs electronically
  • Providing field workers with commercial navigation especially during the critical “last mile”
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Day 3, 6pm – 6:30pm

Shuttle buses load for evening event in Laguna Beach, California
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Day 3, 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Buses will pick you up outside the hotel starting at 6pm
Rock-n-Roll Tribute at Mozambique
Celebrate beach style living with an authentic Laguna Beach experience: rooftop lounge, beach town lights, live music, dinner and a secondary late-night course. Join us for a truly unforgettable evening!
Music by Tijuana Dogs